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New to the Hobby Resources

Welcome to the Swampflyers RC "New to the Hobby" Resource Page. The purpose of this page is to help those who are thinking about getting into the hobby or perhaps are just getting their teeth wet with some information that can get you started. These tips are designed 


Please note, there are many different ways to get started and you will always hear differing opinions on the "better" way. The recommendations made here are just a few ways that we have achieved success from the youngest to the most wise pilots.  While we will provide examples of various products/services, we aren't necessarily endorsing them as the only option. Based on availability of parts, professional services via a local hobby store, and pricing we are making suggestions here but can provide other recommendations as well. 

Where Not to Start

When discussing where to start as a new pilot, it might be easier to discuss where not to start. These include but are no limited to: 

  • Buying a plane and trying it at a park 

  • Joining a club with no experience and trying to fly your plane with no instruction from instructors

  • Buying 3 channel plane (beginner plane that steers with the rudder only) and learning that then buying a 4 channel (Steers with alerions) and thinking it will just work out well


Starting Out 

The first thing to understand is that you need to graduate between plane types. What is meant by that, a trainer plane is often a Top Wing Plane which has the ability to glide and perform at lower speeds. This is the preferred first step before getting into the fancy jet plane, world war II fighter or 3D acrobatic planes. Displayed is one of a few we would recommend. Click here for more options. 

How We can Help

To see if this hobby is for you, you do not need a plane nor spend any money! Swampflyers RC has it all for you to try! With that said, whether you are a youth or a youth at heart, this hobby will instantaneously reel you in! Like every other hobby it costs money and can introduce risk. As a new pilot, you are putting your plane and the safety of yourself and others in danger when you aren't being guided by an instructor. 


You will want to work along side a trained instructor during your early learning . SwampFlyers RC has instructors nearly every Thursday evening from 4:30pm - sunset during the warm weather months and can arrange instructors most other evenings by appointment. Weather including Wind may be causes for cancellation. 

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