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Membership Requirements

This document describes the application process and requirements for membership in the East Coast Swamp Flyers (ECSF). This application and the Club bylaws and policies documents are available on the Club's website or upon request.  If the prospective member has any questions regarding Club membership, policies, fees, etc. these questions should be communicated (here) to a Club Board Member and answered prior to submitting an application.



ECSF policies require every prospective member to agree to have the proper active AMA insurance at all times .  Flyers must observe all regulations as set forth in the Flight Line rules as well as By-Laws or otherwise dictated by the Saftey Officer at all times. The rules have been created to keep all pilots/spectators safe, remain in good standing with neighbors, as well as protect the assets of full sale customers who share our facilities. Failure to obey by such rules can result in disciplinary action leading up to termination of membership. 

The Application Process

Step I - The applicant submits an online or physical application along with the required fees. 


Step 2 -The information provided by the prospective member is interviewed to ensure no planes disqualify them from flying as per/ the by-laws.


Step 3 - Once voted in, all pilots must make arrangement with the Saftey Officer to demonstrate their skill/control of their aircrafts.  


Step 4 – Members enjoy the facilities and are invited to our Monthly meetings 

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